Future Global Citizen Program

For 4th Grade Students

The program is to inspire caring, responsibility and kindness to the young generations to be a contributor for a sustainable environment. While learning skills and knowledge to incorporate sustainability into their daily lives, we hope students develop personal values as they take part in the future society.

There are urgent global environmental issues that are affecting qualities of all lives on earth. Future Global Citizen program cultivates critical thinking from a global perspective among the 4th grade students about the environment they live in. Being aware of the causes and changes of our environment motivates young generations to care and to learn about greener living. Making choices with renewable energy will keep our natural resources sustainable. It is the beginning of the road to becoming a global citizen to make choices to be kind to others and our Mother Earth.

“I think the program has a lot of valuable information that the students can use and learn from.”

- 4th Grade Teacher

Program provides teachers with teaching instructions including class powerpoint and video materials. Program provides students a program t-shirt, participating certificate and a program book which include the six comprehensive units listed below.

Unit 1: Earth is Changing

This unit starts the conversation of the drastic changes our earth has been experiencing over the past fifty years. Students will have a chance to think and reflect on what classifies an environmental issue as global, annd learn more in depth about environmental concerns through case studies. Students will gain an even greater awareness of how our earth looked then and how it looks now.

Unit 2: Two Forces at Work

Students will discover more in depth as they investigate both natural and unnatural causes behind the changes on earth. Advancement in human societies, an unnatural force, has affected many of nature’s natural processes, causing a positive feedback reaction as both the natural and unnatural forces change the surface of the earth. In this unit students will learn how they can identify whether changes are caused by either a natural or unnatural force, or by both.

Unit 3: The Voice of Mother Earth

Students will learn that nature has power and patterns in place that can easily be disturbed by human activities. By studying mother nature’s message, given to us through environmental changes, and exploring the basic living essentials needed for life (derived from finite natural resources) students will learn how unnatural forces have disturbed these living essentials and how this affects current and future living conditions for all life on earth. By learning what earth provides for us and learning to interpret mother nature’s response to human activities through environmental changes, students will continue to develop appreciation for earth.

Unit 4: Energy Smart Detective

In this unit students will learn about the different sources of energy and their limitation to meet supply and demand. Students will explore the similarities and the differences between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, and by the end will be able to organize their thoughts to formulate an argument of why/how the use of renewable or non-renewable energy can help conserve our natural resources .

Unit 5: Sustainable Earth

Energy is something very essential to modern lives today, so in this unit students will be challenged to think of how we can take mother nature’s message to live a life that's more sustainable for all life on earth and still be able to meet our need for energy (within mother nature's constraints).

Unit 6: You Are A Global Citizen

it has been our unsustainable use of our natural resources that has pushed us to reevaluate who we are, who we have been, and who we want to be as a people. By reviewing a brief history of humanity and students will learn that we have placed the majority of our efforts in advancing comfort and modern living. As students come into the realization that we are all global citizens who with our actions shape our values and practices, they will understand why our current generation is giving such importance and value to living in unison with the environment, rather than against it.

Educators' Feedback

“The lessons on renewable resources was well received by my students.”

- 4th Grade Teacher

“They (supporting materials) are well put together and make presenting the material much easier.”

- 4th Grade Teacher

“We used the materials as part of our Sharing the Planet planner and it worked very well. The conversation about renewable resources was very nice as it was the main subject of our planner.”

- 4th Grade Teacher

“It is helpful to use it alongside the planners as a resource for the students.”

- 4th Grade Teacher