Our Programs for Early Age Environmental Education


Friends of Nature for Life Project is designed to inspire elementary school students to recognize nature and all lives on earth as their life-long friends. Through the caring friendship they develop with plants, animals and the surroundings in their elementary school years, they begin to care for the natural world. Environmental literacy and awareness have not been formally brought into the main curriculums in elementary schools. We believe it is an urgent task to reconnect children with nature therefore we developed a 5-year progressive project that students can participate every year throughout their elementary school years. While the programs address educational standards, it provides fun and interesting hands-on exploration and discovery. After continuous learning, students will become guardians of Mother Earth to appreciate, care for, and protect the earth for their own future.



Beauty of Sharing Foundation has been servicing the elementary schools in Walnut Valley Unified School District in Southern California since 2016. Here are some of the highlights:


Complete view of 5 years education programs.

Friends of Nature for Life Project has impacted a total of 345 students from 2016 to 2019 school year


Green Pets Program tree planting event at Walnut Elementary School is featured on Local Patch News Diamond Bar -Walnut, CA on Oct 27, 2016

Walnut School Cares for Mother Earth with Tree Donation

If you think you will never see a poem lovely as a tree, wait until you see the beauties Walnut Unified School District received & planted

Partner in Education Award in 2018

Students comments and appreciations to the teacher