E.A.R.T.H Project

Environmental Appreciation & Responsibility Through Humanity Project

We collaborated with local institutions in Southern California to promote appreciation to the earth by introducing the concepts behind Friends of Nature for Life Project. Knowledge sharing and hands-on activities vary depending on the events conditions and age of the attendees.

Planting Trees Saves the Earth seminar at Global Cup Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Championship

Time: January 2018
Collaborate with: United Abacus Arithmetic Association & Bliss & Wisdom Los Angeles

Beauty of Sharing Foundation was honored to be invited to present power of the environment to a group of approximately 250 6-12 years old kids competing for the power of the STEAM. We used a skit of a few friends encountering nature change to connect the audience and raise awareness of the environmental changes. The young presenters shared stories of what motivated them to take actions in their lives for a greener environment.

Mother’s Day Event

Time: May 2016
Collaborate with: United Abacus Arithmetic Association & Bliss & Wisdom Los Angeles

Happy Mother's Day! We wanted to tell our moms how much we appreciate them with a unique Mother's day gift - Green Pet. It is an indoor plant that provides a comfortable and healthy living environment. We and our moms could talk about and care for nature together. This is one of the "Planting Trees, Saving Earth" actions. We express our love and appreciation to our moms and the environment.

Family Fun Day

Time: March 2016
Collaborate with: Asian Pacific Family Center of Pacific Clinics & Bliss & Wisdom Los Angeles

"Plant Trees, Plant Hope and Plant the Future". This event was to beautify the community by planting the trees together with hope to conserve and enrich our environment. The community brought their families for a fun day to plant trees and learn about plant based diet. Families made their own healthy and tasty dessert.

Tree Planting Booth at Chinese New Year Festival

Time: February 2016
Collaborate with: Bliss & Wisdom Los Angeles

New Year for New Hope, this event promoted the "Plant Trees to Save the Earth" initiative at the Chinese New Year Festival booth. Booth activities and promotion included Making a wish photo booth that guests declared the support in tree planting; No waste DIY desert cone, jogging t-shirt, Making a wish tree,Tree planting recycle bag while playing Love trees plant trees, love planting trees song.

From our Hearts to the Earth Camp

Time: January 2016
Collaborate with: Bliss & Wisdom Los Angeles

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, The 2nd. best time is now." The camp offered members of Bliss and Wisdom Los Angeles various seminars about the importance of planting trees. The seminars include the benefit of planting trees, carbon footprint, global efforts on tree planting, local opportunities. Raffles were provided for various saplings and fruit trees to help participants to take the actions right away.

Planting Seeds of Love

Time: September 2015
Collaborate with: Cali-Dragon Farm & Bliss & Wisdom Los Angeles

Everything starts with a seed. Passionate veganic farmer from Cali-Dragon Farm welcomed us to plant the seeds of love. Moringa trees are also known as "miracle trees" that have an incredible amount of nutrition. A group of young volunteers from Bliss & Wisdom Los Angeles put on gloves and hats and plant the seeds one by one. We wanted to share these miracle trees with the community when they mature into seedlings.